About us

There is no quick-fix solution to addiction problems.  We prefer to focus on establishing a productive, independent lifestyle for our clients, developed over a feasible period.

House On


House On


The true philosophy of HouseOnCedar is to facilitate clients to overcome the destructive behavioural patterns of addiction. We believe that underneath addiction lies trauma, false belief systems and generational dysfunctional dynamics.

A complete rehabilitation of the body, mind and spirit.


What Our Clients Say

Thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance to get better and a place to stay for a little while. I am so grateful

Sean K

HouseOnCedar helped me to get my life back. The program showed me that my addiction was the symptom + that my belief system was faulty of thinking


I came to HouseOnCedar yellow and sick, I was tired of running from myself and all the destruction I had created, my brother was my last …